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Mr. Blue Sky. color. 84 min. Sarah Gurfield, Bluesky Magic Prods., 516-319-2013; 2007. DVD UPC 094922-921093. $22.95. disabilities

This sweet little film, clearly aimed at teens and younger, is loaded with good intentions and messages hurled at the audience like boulders from a slingshot. Itís the story of Andra, a young woman with Down syndrome, and her two childhood friends, one female and one male. We watch them bond as youngsters and then grow up and apart owing to family and societal pressures. They finally come together again as young adults in a fairytale ending of true love and promise under the sunny optimism of Mr. Blue Sky, Andraís metaphor for hope. The dialog is trite and the subtext not so subtle, but the acting is decent, and Ashley Wolfe is outstanding as Andra. This film will make a nice counterpoint in school and YA collections heavy with snarkiness, anime, superheroes, and cynicism.

óEllen Druda, Half Hollow Hills Community Lib., Dix Hills, NY

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